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[30 Apr 2016 ]
Remembering the Homeless

Bahá’ís and friends in Redwood City participated in an effort for the homeless to bring some comfort to those less fortunate at this time of year.
The effort was launched by Andrea Carranza, a member of the Redwood City Bahá’í community who is also a student at San Francisco State University. “Spending so much time in the city I see so many homeless people …so that’s how this idea originally occurred to me”, Andrea said. Andrea and her mother Julia had previous experience with efforts on behalf of the homeless so …

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[1 Mar 2016 ]
The Bahá’í Calendar

In July 2014 made significant changes to the The Bahá’í Calendar. This page describes the Bahá’í Calendar as it exists now (since those changes).    A separate page discusses how those changes differed from the previously existing calendar systems used by Bahá’ís around the world.
The Bahá’í Calendar is known as the . It is a calendar which means it is based on the revolution of the Earth around the Sun.
In order to understand the calendar it is helpful to understand the astronomical concept of a Vernal Equinox. Solar Calendars …

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[5 Apr 2015 ]
Stanford: Educational Excellence in early 20th Century Iran

Don’t miss this remarkable event!
Where: Stanford Campus in Palo Alto at Jordan Hall, Building 420, Room 40
When: 6:30pm, Thursday April 9th 2015
Who: Dr. Soli Shahvar
Topic: “Modernity, the Baha’i Fatih and the Question of Modern Education in Late Qajar and Early Pahlavi Iran”
A network of highly advanced educational institutions flourished for three decades in early 20th century Iran. Attending a conference in Jerusalem in December of 2000, Dr. Soli Shahvar, a professor of Middle Eastern History at the University of Haifa noticed that “…the overwhelming majority of academically authored books and …

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[19 Oct 2014 ]
Berkeley: “To light a Candle”

Documentary film “To Light a Candle”
Hosted by: Berkeley Baha’i Club
When: Monday, October 20 2014, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Pacific Film Archive Theatre
2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720
Admission is free
Maziar Bahari, the Iranian-Canadian Newsweek reporter who was jailed for 118 days in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison while on location doing his job as a journalist, has produced a documentary film about the persecution of Baha’is in Iran. Subjected himself to interrogation under torture and a barrage of false accusations during the period of his imprisonment, he is all too familiar …

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[15 Jul 2014 ]
The Bab

On July 9th, Bahá’ís in Redwood City gathered to commemorate the martyrdom of the Bab.  Baha’is trace the founding of the Baha’i Faith to the “Twin Manifestions”, the Bab and Baha’u’llah.
Who is the Bab?
Events in the life of the Bab and His followers, who numbered in the thousands, figure prominently in the history of 19th century Persia; all reliable histories of 19th century Persia include coverage of these truly historic events. In the early 1800’s when Adventist Christian groups were predicting the immiment fulfilment of important Biblical prophecies based on numerical …